Michelle Axe is the Author of ‘Beyond The Blood Red Cave’, Joint Head of the Order of Gwyddon, Organiser of The Spirit of Awen and an Ordained Priestess of the Anglesey Druid Order.


As a successful Author, Druid, Witch, Teacher & Practitioner of Indigenous Magical and spiritual craft, a Complimentary Therapist, Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist and Personal Development & life Counsellor, Michelle runs retreats, camps and workshops during the year throughout the British Isles.


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The Ancestral Serpent Mothers & the Warrior Spirit of The Sacred Feminine.


In her talk Michelle will share her own understanding and personal life experiences whilst exploring the Ancestral Serpent Mothers and the Warrior Spirit of the Sacred feminine. What are the myths and Legends associated? Was the Kiss of the Fey full of the wonderments of magic, bewitchment and enchantment? Did the Lady of the Lake really exist? & most importantly what role did the Serpent Mothers have in all of this?


So join Michelle for what promises to be an informative journey into this fascinating and most sacred of Myths, legends and magic, all of which just might have their origins in fact!



Arthur Pendragon in the Spirit of Man Yurt at Druid Camp 2013 painting by Dechen Chodran
Arthur Pendragon in the Spirit of Man Yurt at Druid Camp 2013 painting by Dechen Chodran


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Susanna Lafond
Susanna Lafond

Susanna Lafond is a Warrior Priestess; Battle Chieftain and a Fairy Queen. Susanna has worked with Arthur for 20 years.


CJ Stone in his own words


I'm a freelance author and columnist. I've had monthly columns in the Guardian Weekend, the Big Issue and Mixmag. I've done work for Radio 4 and have had articles published in the New Statesman, the Independent Magazine, the Independent on Sunday, the Guardian, the Sunday Herald Magazine, the London Review of Books, the Evening Standard, Times Literary Supplement, The Big Issue, Prediction, Kindred Spirit, Arena, Saga and the Observer. In 1994 I was involved with making an Open Space programme for BBC2, called Let's Face The Music And Dance. It was broadcast on June 15th 1994. I currently write a column for the Whitstable Gazette and make regular contributions to the Guardian website and to the London Review of Books blog.


I have had seven books published. Fierce Dancing (Faber & Faber, May 1995), The Last of the Hippies (Faber & Faber, May 1999), Housing Benefit Hill (AK Press, June 2002), The Trials of Arthur (with Arthur Pendragon: Thorsons/Element, June 2003), Dear Granny Smith (November 2009), The Trials of Arthur Revised Edition (with Arthur Pendragon: The Big Hand, June 2012), The Empire of Things, (Gonzo Multimedia, Nov 2013).


Specialities: Royal Mail, postal delivery, the postal industry, politics, protest, New Age and alternative, Early Christianity, Gnosticism, King Arthur, cults, alternative history, humour, travel, drugs, beer. Anything that takes my fancy.

Gill Smith B.A (Hons) History and Geography M.A Archaeology and Philosophy (Glasgow) M.A Archaeology (Liverpool ) FSA (Scot) , Associate of The Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives.

“I'm a freelance researcher in archaeology and history I have worked as a presenter , writer and researcher for BBC Wales Coming Home series which is a family history programme for well-known figures with Welsh ancestry Credits include John Prescott, Olivia Newton John, Terry Jones, Alison Steadman, Russell Crowe , Michael Heseltine, Christopher Timothy I have also researched for various authors Have taken part in many excavations in Scotland and Wales and the Isle of Man I have worked in the Hunterian Museum Glasgow and the Grosvenor Museum Chester Lecturer in History and Archaeology Researching the links between archaeology, folklore, myths and legends and 'portals to the past.”


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