Tibetan Bowl & Gong Sound Therapist
Tibetan Bowl & Gong Sound Therapist

Tibetan Bowl & Gong Sound Therapy

Susan Marie creates a sacred space a unique experience, the listener is enveloped with soothing resonances of vibration, evocative vocals and ambient instruments create a wash of sound waves.

Only ancient bowls are used in this wonderful therapy. Treatments and larger sound bathing will be at affordable prices a unique opportunity to try this wonderful therapy.

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Silent Reflections
Silent Reflections

Kim's Practitioner sessions will be based in practice from the classes he runs:

I founded this School of Crystal-Sound Healing as a means to share knowledge, wisdom, and insights I have gathered pertaining to sound and crystal healing with people who wish to be of greater service to Humanity and Mother Earth in this pivotal time of conscious evolution.

Vibration is the root of all healing modalities, be it crystal healing, sound healing, energy healing, acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, homoeopathy, massage, etc… We are quantum, multi-dimensional beings with tremendous vibrational healing powers that manifest in a nearly infinite number of ways. There is no limit to the possible expressions of our unique healing abilities.

This is precisely how healers operated in Ancient Lemuria. Universal Time Gemstone Healing is Dedicated to resurrecting this ancient approach to healing and conscious expansion through the use of the natural methods of vibrational healing, crystals and sound.

UTGH focuses primarily on the vibrational applications of crystals, gemstones, and sound to achieve harmony within the original design of your body, mind, and soul in relation to the Earth. The classes are taught in a way that removes any artificial limits of perception and allows you to tap into the infinite intelligence of your intuitive faculty.

Universal Time Gemstone Healing provides an incredible foundation for mastering the ancient and complex science of gemstone healing. This powerful healing modality was designed by Beings who saw a need to assist humanity at this time of rapid growth. Through their advanced understanding of frequency interaction, they have designed a healing modality that educates you at both the conscious and cellular level so that you may begin to use crystals and gemstones in ways that accelerate physical healing and conscious evolution for humanity, Mother Earth, and all sentient beings in this Universe and Beyond.





Class Descriptions

Level I Universal Time Gemstone Healing This class is an in depth exploration of the true healing power of crystals and gemstones and provides a strong foundation for amateurs and professionals alike to further their studies. The material was designed by cosmic beings with the specific intention of assisting humanity at this time of rapid evolution.

Topics Include:

* Healing properties of many common stones & crystals

* Choosing the right stones and balancing their energy

* How to clear the Body and Aura with a crystal wand

* Assembling a Basic Gemstone Healing Kit

* Learn how to perform over 20 Layouts for physical and energetic healing

* Initiation and certification as a UTGH Practitioner

Level II Universal Time Gemstone Healing

The Level II Class explores Colour Healing and how it relates to Crystals and Gemstones. You also learn how to make Elixirs and Stone Baths, and learn some layouts to heal the land and make portals. The 14 layouts taught in this level include heart openers, colour healing layouts, and layouts that begin to infuse the body/mind temple with higher frequencies to expand consciousness and connect with natural forces.

Topics Include:

* Programming Stones

* Crystal Baths and Elixirs

* Universal Vibrational Language Healing Symbols

* Creating portals and layouts on the land

* Initiation and certification as a UTGH Level II Practitioner

Level III Universal Time Gemstone Healing

The Level III Class focuses on the changing vibrations of our bodies, auras, chakras, Earth, and new Dimensions we are accessing and anchoring. Here we open you up to perform distance crystal healing, and introduce the use of sacred geometry with crystal layouts. The layouts in this class are extremely important as we approach the Ascension Portal as they balance your energy to be able to remain in harmony with the rapidly accelerating energies.

Topics Include:

* Distance Crystal Healing

* The New Chakras and Earth Changes

* Crystal Healing for the home and garden

* Stones and Sacred Geometry

* Crystal Healing for plants and animals

* Initiation and certification as a UTGH Level III Practitioner




Lemurian Intuitive Crystal-Sound Healing Level I

This class explores intuitive and practical crystal healing information including the use of wands, characteristics of naturally formed crystals and their esoteric significances, and the unique properties of Lemurian Crystals. Topics also include insights into the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Altantis, basic intuitive listening, and an introduction to sound healing. The layouts in this class focus on emotional healing, past life connections, Lemurian, Atlantean, and Egyptian energies, and Unconditional Love. The initiation for this class was dictated by Mother Earth, and opens you up to her guidance in using crystals, and the ability to perform Sound Healing at a Distance.

Topics Include:

* A Message from Mother Earth about Unconditional Love

* Using Wands

* Metaphysical properties of physical crystal formations

* Basic Grid Making

* Scanning the body/energy for imbalances

* Introduction to Sound Healing

* Toning with the Voice and Crystal Bowls

* Initiation

Lemurian Intuitive Crystal-Sound Healing Level II

Prerequisites: UWT Gemstone Healing Level I or permission from instructor

This is an advanced course that explores multi-dimensional aspects of crystal and sound healing. It touches upon the balance of light and dark energies, and delves into shamanic principles of energywork. The layouts in this course are to connect with animal spirit guides, ascended masters and angels, and for deep healing.

Topics Include:

* Making multi-dimensional crystals with sound and symbols

* Invoking the Higher Self

* Shielding and Healing Entities

* Overtone Singing and Opening to Shamanic Chant

* Soul and Star Chants



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