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Klasp the Moon
Klasp the Moon

Recently, The Loyal Arthurian Warband protested at the public opening of the new Stonehenge visitor centre as they have chosen to display human remains rather than be ethical (like some leading world museums) and display 3D replicas instead. 

In a recent independent public poll, 93% of the public who responded said that English Heritage should not display human remains at the visitor centre. There was a spirited march to the visitor centre from the Drove next to Stonehenge, and much chanting and singing outside the new centre, in a peaceful protest. 

The Banks Van Zyl stall (run by the lovely Adele) have generously offered to donate 5% of their profits on the day to the Loyal Arthurian Warband Picket Fund. Thank you for such a lovely gesture! 


* A DRUID leader is calling for protests over ancient human remains being displayed at the new Stonehenge visitor centre when it opens in December.


King Arthur Pendragon is organising a protest outside Salisbury Library on October 29, as well as at the grand opening of the visitor centre on December 18.


Earlier this year, King Arthur failed in a legal battle to get ancient remains he calls The Guardians re-interred at Stonehenge.


“Since The Guardians were removed from Stonehenge in 2008 for analysis, we have mounted a campaign to raise awareness and gathered many signatures of support, calling for their return and re-interment at Stonehenge which we believe was and should have remained their final resting place,” he said.


On a cold November morning, office workers in Queens Square Bristol looked out of their windows to see a street theatre demonstration by The Loyal Arthurian Warband.  King Arthur Pendragon and friends were holding a "wake" complete with a prop coffin, in protest of English Heritage's plans to display human remains at the new Visitor Centre.  

There was plenty of friendly engagement with the public, awareness of the cause was raised and more signatures were added to the petition. 

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